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W. A. Tucker Foundation

The W. A. Tucker Foundation provides grants to non-profit charitable organizations which promote the concepts of the Foundation. The general philosophy of the Foundation is the improvement of the quality of human life by helping all people realize their fullest potential. This includes the support of charitable organizations that provide recreational, social, health, educational opportunities and recognition to people of all ages from children to seniors.


Donations are usually made to other non-profit organizations for which the funds are not targeted for any particular purpose. These groups include organizations such as the March of Dimes,  the Salvation Army, the American Red Cross, and the Orange County Rescue Mission. The donations are usually made directly by the foundation without application by an agency. However, we will consider a few applications for donations from other agencies during the year.


Collage scholarships for graduating High School Seniors are meant to help pay for the first year's tuition or books and other expenses. Scholarships are processed by school counselors, administrators or academic foundations. Application for such scholarships must use our GRANTS form.


Camperships are only for DCES or YMCA winter and summer camps.


The Foundation considers grants through a grant application process. Grants are for a specific purpose and applicants must demonstrate a need, identify what is to be accomplished, and be able to show measurable results at the end of the project. Examples include grants for painting forest fire lookouts, funding clean up of mountain trails, and purchase of computer hardware and software for qualifying organization.